Is Achieving A Goal?

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Why it is achieving a goal can be so hard that you feel like it’s impossible to do, but at the same time it seems so easy. Most people might give up half way to achieving their goal and only a few will succeed. In life everyone has their own accomplishment, and goals that they want to achieve. Goals like completing a degree in school, getting the jobs they want, or get better at the sports or exercise they enjoy. Achieving a goal isn’t as easy as you would think, because it takes commitment, motivation, times, and a lot of failures or efforts to get pass obstacle to achieve the goal you want. A goal could be as small as learning how to ride a bicycle, you have to take the time to practice to learn. And when you fall, you have to find the motivation to get back up and try again. After considering these other options another major goal for some people like me is to become a Special Warfare Operator such as Navy SEALs. You might think that becoming a Navy SEALs is as easy as joining any normal branches in the military such as Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. But in the reality it is not, 90% of the people who are trying to become a Navy SEALs will either quit or not make it till the end because of injuries or not qualify in some training that they do. Becoming a Navy SEALS require both mental and physical toughness. Let 's explore the steps to takes before I will enlist to become a Navy SEALs. The first step of me before enlisting to becoming a Navy SEALs was the mental part. I will have to go to a local Navy recruiting station to talk to a recruiter, and tell him that I want to become a Navy SEALs. Then the recruiter will ask me to take a practice test to determine if I’m ready to take the real test called the A... ... middle of paper ... ...rt which is used to see if the candidate who are try becoming Navy SEALs are physically fit to becoming a Navy SEALS ,and it is included 500m swim, run 1.5 mile, and a certain amount of push up, sit up, and pull up, of course they are all have a time requirement. And a candidate who are trying to become a Navy SEALs has to try to get the best score they can get. Candidates who have the best score will have a nation draft around the state, and qualify to enter the BUD/s trainings. In conclusion, for me to enlist to becoming a Navy SEALs, I will have to study really hard on my word knowledge and mechanical comprehension, and refresh my math memories to get the score I want, and go through Pre-enlistment medical screening test. Then I will have to work really hard on my body to swim faster and run faster to get as high score as I can get on the physical screening test.
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