Is Acception To Love, In 'The Kite Runner'

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It is okay to lie to someone, if the intention of the lie is to protect that person.

I think this is true. The saying “ignorance is bliss”, applies to this quote. When someone doesn’t know something,they can’t be bothered by it. It can’t eat away at them or make them feel bad or guilty. If telling them the lie is going to make them angry or sad and them knowing won’t help the problem, then why would you force this burden onto another that you obviously care enough about to take their feelings into consideration? In the book The Kite Runner, Hassan lied to Baba that he stole Amir’s watch and money. He had not actually stolen those objects and was trying to protect his best friend. Hassan knew that Amir had planted those things in a ploy to get rid of him, He didn’t want Amir to get in trouble and face Baba’s wrath and the shame of lying. Hassan was a very kind person with a kind heart. He ignored his own principles of telling the truth in order to spare his best friend. He sacrificed the only life he had ever known in order to keep Amir from being embarrassed and deal with his guilt.

Wealth and social class allow people to avoid or ignore consequences which others may not be able to get out of.

This is very true, people everywhere in the world benefit from having money and those who have money and privileges are able to
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On the other hand, Hassan could not escape the war. He was very poor and didn’t have the resources or the ability to leave. Hassan was also a Hazara which meant he was discriminated against and often, instantly disregarded because of his ethnicity. When Amir made it to America and became a writer, Hassan lived in a small house and was eventually killed along with his wife. He paid for the unfairness of the situation and he paid for being poor. It was inevitable that he would have as much privilege and power in situations because of the way he was
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