Irrationality Of Death In Lucretius

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By following the philosophy of Epicurus, Lucretius’ main argument is irrationality of the death which also prompts him to write about the existence of the atoms and particles in order to convince people the fact that with the body after death, the soul perish too. This perspective is based on the idea that there is no other life after death, hence it will be nonsense to feel sorry about it. He is also trying to prepare people for the day when death comes by stating many arguments. Therefore his arguments and conclusions are more based on the scientific facts that simply exists in the present day, they have some contradictions in the way of explaining mind and spirit and some other flaws. “Death is nothing to us”, in terms of Lucretius, means…show more content…
While he is defending the irrationality of the fear of death, he explains its reasons by referring the aspects of psychology. He asserts that many different reasons might cause this: the pain of death, the process of death, the fact that death is not a pleasant thing and the inability of people to leave the goods and properties they have acquired or the fact that the body will disappear after death… Although the things that are said throughout the book are true, Lucretius’ theory is indeed too strict. Therefore whenever I think about death, my imagination stops at the moment when soul separates from the body. Human is unable to think what happens after death because he doesn’t know anything about it. No living beings have existed who experienced the death hence nobody can say what is there or even whether there is something or not. The reason why we afraid of darkness is that we don’t know what there is even a step ahead us, similarly to be afraid of death which is unknown is quite normal. In addition, the human being is accustomed to controlling over his life. When staying at somebody’s house, we do not know the house layout so we become restricted and feel uncomfortable. Death is like that: It frightens people by making them unable to control over their lives. Thus, as living beings with rational spirit, people are afraid in times when they do not have their own sovereignty –which death

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