Irrational Behavior In Hamlet

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In William Shakespeare 's Hamlet, there are many characters that allow themselves to be manipulated and be consumed by their own emotions. The way that this type of irrational behavior occurs is when Claudius killed Hamlet Sr, this causes a chain reaction of unfortunate events. Gertrude and Claudius plan to immediately marry after the death of the king. On going with the repercussions of the event; Hamlet is later visited by the dead spirit of his father. This happening caused Hamlet to realize that he needed to avenge his dead father by killing Claudius and rightfully taking the throne back after the ghost of his father told him to do so. Along with all the supernatural things that occur Hamlet is faced with technicalities in the Kingdom of Denmark. His love for Ophelia is rebuffed do to Polonius and Laertes insisting to her that Hamlet only wants to be with her for her only for lust. Claudius hires people to spy on Hamlet and report his every move to him. Hamlet attempts to…show more content…
He uses the people he is closest with as puppets to get what he wants. This can be explained using principles of behavior economics. Through priming, Claudius uses people so that he can cover himself up and maintain a good look to the people while he has his followers do his dirty work. The first instance in which Claudius uses priming to get what he wants is in Act 2 of Shakespeare 's Hamlet, Claudius uses two old school chums Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to come to Elsinore and spy on Hamlet and report his every move to Claudius (2.4.40-41). According to Ariely, people are willing to work for free, and they are willing to work for a reasonable wage (234). Here through priming, Claudius insist for the school chums to deceive Hamlet and to attempt to gain his trust and report whatever he tells them back to Claudius. According to Dan Ariely the subject of the study grossly under stimulated their behaviors

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