Irony and Other Themes in Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island

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Setting In the book Shutter Island the book takes most of its setting on Shutter Island. Inside an abandoned hospital for the Criminally insane, it is a place where nobody escapes from. The whole place is under strict surveillance from the weather and monsoons due to the location in the sea on a vast land. Teddy does not know that he is put under a new physiologically theory to help him. On this island there is a lighthouse where he had been tested every year to see if the doctor’s treatment has worked on him. He still had a chance to “live” or a chance to escape but fails and goes under illegal brain surgery where they take your thought of living away so you’re basically a zombie and live on the island forever. In Teddy’s house he realizes that he killed his wife mentally and is why Dolores downs their children. There’s also a cave where he finds the truth about the island he is stranded on from a girl named Rachel Solando, his loose patient, and spills out everything. Plot Teddy and his partner Chuck go on a ferry to investigate a M.T.I. to Shutter Island and they get tr...

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