Irish Stereotypes

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All over the world in history stereotypes have been found and since time has passed the Irish stereotypes were made are developing and have become well-known. Most stereotypes are made through misguided interpretations or assumptions of people and in this case that is what majority of the Irish stereotypes follow. Many of these stereotypes of the Irish give them a label that all Irish people are the same. The media hasn’t helped these assumptions that are put on the Irish and these misguided ideas which end up spreading the Irish stereotypes causing them to be displayed in movies. The use of these Irish stereotypes by the media, are then put into movies through false characteristics and situations that have shaped what Irish films are seen today as.
A stereotype has been defined as an unfair and untrue belief that many people have about other people or things with a particular characteristics. Stereotypes have been developed through many societies over multiple centuries. Grouping of people has been more commonly seen in today’s society , like if one person has an opinion about something that they don’t have and others do then they start to make putting people with similar characteristics in a group with a label attached. These false ideas catch onto how others see these people and eventually become accepted around the world. This idea about the grouping is explained in John DeLamater and Daniel Myers book Social Psychology. This book explains how human behavior is natural and why stereotyping is used in the world and it is because there is always someone trying to put labels on others and try to make their own self feel like they are better than another. Experiments have been done to prove there is real science behind stereotype...

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