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1021 words

Since we are running out of IPv4 addresses, in the future certain websites will only maintain IPv6 and the Internet becomes a dual IPv4/IPv6 network. This means that in order for a user to connect with your customers, co workers, users and to guarantee that your website remains easy to get to all Internet users, in particular in rising markets; you need to make sure you also have IPv6. And that your network and IT personnel are aware and prepared for the changeover. Time is running out. There still will be ipv4 addresses in 2020 or even longer and the devices using those addresses will continue working at the same time but in a improved version IPv6. For operators it will be hard and expensive to get new IPv4 addresses to increase their networks, while the cost of supervision on the existing IPv4s also increases. That is why big companies, such as Face book, Bing and Google, will face the dilemma before end users, because at some time or another they too will need to purchase new servers. Some major internet companies has been known to say that users will not be affected at this time. But the circumstances might not remain the same. The end user may find some sites and email addresses difficult to get to, if they use only IPv6 and user’s service provider only has IPv4 addresses. Taking care of this problem now is the best proactive approach could ask for.
One resolution is for providers to organize centralized network address translators that permit ISPs to "dual-stack" new consumers with a public IPv6 address and a private IPv4 address. The other alternative is to use a protocol translator (NAT64) that allow an IPv6 only piece of equipment to talk to an IPv4-only piece of equipment. Neither techniqu...

... middle of paper ... computer to another over the Internet will be around $25 billion nationwide throughout the next 25 years. Hardware and software expenses are to be expected to be minor for most Internet users, as knowledge changes will be deployed in products like Microsoft Windows and the Linux User System. This is not for a single business, this is a estimated price nationwide.
Starting the IPv6 transition is critical. It is estimated that in March 2015, all IPv4 addresses will have sold the majority of the addresses. Why wait until the very last minute to deal with the transition. Start now, pay now, train now. Our company would greatly profit in the future if we are proactive now. Pay now, when all others are scrambling to complete the big transition to a newer versions and are going through troubles, PPS Medical should and will be bug free and open for business.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the internet will become a dual ipv4/ipv6 network in the future.
  • Advises that every business should take steps as part of an ipv6 migration approach.
  • Opines that reviewing equipment vendors and network service providers is the most important step in converting to ivp6.
  • Explains how wan and internet service providers will support ipv6. nat in housing cable modems and others like them are often configurable by the subscriber.
  • Recommends working with architects to evaluate your company's resume, store bought applications, and internal applications for ipv6 compatibility. if a ceo wants to make changes, he does not do it himself.
  • Explains that centralized network address translators and nat64 can break voip, plug-and-play, and online gaming applications. corporations can run into problems when their at ease or web applications do not work correctly.
  • Opines that a permanent fix to the ip address dilemma will depend on the company, the time and the funds for the conversion of ivp6.
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