Involvement in Syria

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Throughout history, people have fought and died for their rights and with that comes strong pride and loyalty. Human rights are not given freely to all, depending on where you live that privilege does not exist. For example in North Korea, since it’s under communistic society, certain rights that are available in the United States are things that North Korea citizens have never experienced. In situations, where there isn’t a democratic government, many brave people have attempted to challenge their governments and usually, but unfortunately each time a small group of protesters that try to make a difference, they just get some type punishment in return. Another example is Syria, which has a history with major human rights violations, is going through a civil war. When governments like Syria which was formerly a unitary government takes control over people lives, the citizens of Syria demand some type of equality. In a realistic perspective, how does one person have control of another person’s life, when we are all humans? The Syrian government hasn’t been getting involved in any of the human violations issues with the mass murdering from the rebels. Other foreign countries like the United States, France, and Britain should get involved and attempt to stop the murdering and helped fix the problems or try to discuss a method to tame the rebels. Some people believe that the United States shouldn’t get involved and that we should mind our own business and believe that if we do get involved, then we start problems in Russia. (New York Times)
The civil war in Syria, all started with teens protesting against the President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. They were arrested for writing political graffiti and dozens of people are killed when s...

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... definitely by, helping the neighboring countries. The United States involvement, in my opinion may be the only way to end the war.

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