Involvement And Exposure At A Hospital Near The Campus Of My University

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Involvement and exposure to as wide of a variety of experiences as possible is one way I am preparing for a career in medicine. Clinically, I have volunteered at a hospital near the campus of my university; through my volunteer experience I spent time in the pediatrics unit as well as the cardiovascular intensive care unit. My time in both units was eye opening because I learned how different each units were, as is likely the case for all units and specialties. Staff played varying roles and there were different team dynamics. I appreciate the uniqueness that each unit possesses and it excites me to know that I will rotate through many more units throughout medical school, searching for the one that I fit best into. Over the past couple of years I have been an active member in two basic science research labs. These have been two of the most rewarding experiences for me. Partaking in two different basic science research labs repeatedly teaches me to critically reason and think outside of the box; for that reason, I grow genuinely interested in continuing my participation in research. I consider the training and involvement in research crucial to being a strong physician thus, I plan to use these skills at UKYCOM to assist our medical team in advancing knowledge in understanding cases presented to us. I have also had the opportunity to shadow two physicians: a nephrologist and an otolaryngologist. My different shadowing experiences have exposed me to a variety of physician’s tasks. I experienced going on an internal medicine rounds and sat in on a case report discussion. I attended a lecture presented at the department of medicine’s grand rounds. I had a very memorable experience when I visited with patients in a dialysis... ... middle of paper ... ... relationships with my peers and conquer the challenges faced as a team. I am interested in attending the University of Kentucky College of Medicine because of the opportunities to become involved in research. Opportunities to participate in a fellowship, attend conferences, and have overlap with both clinical and basic science research is exciting. I am enthused by the inclusion of research-oriented lectures in the curriculum. Research has become a large part of my life during the past two years, and I thoroughly enjoy the scientific experience. I think that training and involvement in research is crucial to being a successful physician. While being a medical student and future physician is my priority, I have a strong interest in maintaining ties in the research field, and I would like to continue to pursue this at a renowned university that values research highly

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