Invisible Woman

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In the big city of New York it was a peaceful day for Invisible Woman also known as Susan Storm. Susan was sitting on the couch watching tv when suddenly there were police sirens. That is when Invisible Woman jumped into action. She did not know what was going on but she knew there was trouble. The police were blocking the streets to get to the bank and the swat team was securing the perimeter. Then a police officer came up to her and told her what was happening.
The officer said “Arcade (one of her enemies) was robbing a bank”.The officer said, “I think that me and my team could deal with it.”
So Invisible Woman went home ordered a pizza and sat down and watched her favorite show COPS. An hour or two had passed when she turned on the news. There it was on the news the same policemen and the same swat teams were there waiting for the criminal Arcade to come out so she went back to the scene.
The same policeman said, “go back home, we have this under control.” So Invisible Woman went back home and she got some ice cream and watched some COPS. Then Susan finally fell asleep ...
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