Invisibility In The Invisible Man

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The narrator begins the novel by addressing he is an invisible man, unable to to be seen for who he is, but rather through people 's’ perceptions from his black skin. His journey began as a young student in the south who, through his speech about racial issues, was given the opportunity to deliver it to his community and experience invisibility for the first time as a result. Optimistic about his future, he attends an all black college in which he has the task of showing Mr. Norton, a white millionaire founder of the school, around campus, exposing Mr. Norton to knowledge and places that were to be hidden. As a result, Dr. Bledsoe, the college president expels the narrator and has him work in Harlem under false and manipulative pretenses,…show more content…
The consequences of the notion of the invisibility transcend an inability of viewing and understanding an invisible man and extend to the invisible man living out the false stereotypical presumptions of his identity. Because the invisible man’s invisibility was out of his control, and were a result of ignorant blindness of racial identities and stereotypes, the Invisible Man is not to blame for his change into what’s presumed of him. After his identity is refused acknowledgement by society, the narrator’s characteristics changed to match the misconstrued blind perception of him, which is less responsible. In justifying his irresponsible behavior, the narrator said, “Responsibility is part of my invisibility; any way you face it, it is a denial. But to whom can I be responsible, and why should I be, when you refuse to see me?”. In a similar case that goes one step further the narrator beats a blonde man up in the prologue and says “ Poor fool, poor blind fool, I thought with sincere compassion, mugged by an invisible man”. He implied not being at fault, for he could not control his invisibility or for that man to see him. Being that it was late, it also could have been possible that the blonde man just did not see him because it was so dark outside, so he was literally blinded without the
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