Investing in the Future: Why the Medical Field Should Invest in Wireless Networks

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Protection of Wireless Networks
Setting security policy is important for a wireless network. Improvements in the security of wireless technology will guarantee its continued safe use, and system administrators’ duties are to take measures against unauthorized access. A media access control address (MAC address) is an identity number assigned to each network device. Most Wi-Fi access points and routers come with a function called MAC address filtering, which is a common way to improve the security of Wi-Fi access points. Without MAC address filtering, any wireless user can attempt to join wireless networks if they know the network name and security password. When MAC address filtering is enabled, system administrators must input a list of MAC addresses that will be allowed to join the wireless network. If attackers attempt to join the wireless network, MAC address filtering will deny any access to the network. Encryption is a common measure against illegal interception and user authentication is also useful to control unauthorized access. If system administrators upgrade their wireless access point software with third party version or their private version, they should allow for adjusting the output power of wireless access points. For example, if a wireless user connects his/her phone to a wireless access point in a private patient room, a system administrator can easily dial the power down to limit the wireless signal to only travel in a private patient room. Similarly, if a wireless access point connects to a public network, it can easily dial the power up to 200-300 meters away to share wireless access. System administrators should also set up a virtual local area network (VLAN) that is a virtual network and allows communicati...

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...medical services within the shortest time. On average, the survival rate drops by 10 % for every 1 min delay in treatment [9]. Feedback from interviewees, emergency ambulance emergency medical technicians (EMTs) point out the advantages of WiMAX technology, how instant video images and physiological data transmission are helpful to understand patients’ conditions. Furthermore, emergency room doctors admit the transmission of physiological measurement data helps emergency room doctors in preliminary assessment and the fast WiMAX transmission helps in transmitting instant images in moving ambulance [9]. Therefore, a well-constructed and designed emergency medical services network is the key to improve the survival rate and save more lives. Emergency medical services can be improved through the cooperation between the medical information system and network development.
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