Investigation of the Changes Golf Has Gone Through as a Sport

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Investigation of the Changes Golf Has Gone Through as a Sport In this essay, I am going to investigate some of the changes the sport of golf has gone through. Golf courses, golf tournaments and matches have gone through a vast number of changes. Since the beginning of golf in the 15th century, golf in comparison to the 21st century sport that is played now, is quite different. Some parts of golf may not look the same as back then but it is still the same popular game it was back in the 15th century. Golf courses are everywhere. Most places you go have a golf course. They may not appear to look very different compared to 16th century golf courses but the techniques and quality of the courses have changed greatly. The sport of golf was first played early in the 15th century but it wasn't quite the game it is now as players would hit a pebble around a natural course of sand dunes, rabbit runs and tracks using a stick or primitive club. Soon after golf was invented, King James II banned the sport but the ban was lifted in 1470. Golf soon started to take shape and throughout the 16th century, it became one of the most popular sports of its time. This created a demand for golf courses. The first basic course was at Perth, shortly followed by Carnoustie. Carnoustie, founded in 1527 as a basic golf course, has since been developed by progression in the game. This course has matured into a championship course, known for its immaculate design and expert green-keepers. The quality of courses in the 16th Century improved greatly. Holes became more difficult and more bunkers were appearing along with trees, thick rough and hazards such as water and out of bounds. In the late 16th century, parkland courses started to emerge along with many links courses due to the environment some courses were situated in. One of the first and most famous golf courses in the world is Royal St
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