Investigation of Dark Matter

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Investigation of Dark Matter


Throughout the years, scientists have been looking for the missing

mass of the universe; it has yet remained an unsolved mystery. Using

different methods, scientists have tried to determine the mass of the

universe and surprisingly found a discrepancy suggesting that ninety

percent of the mass of the universe is nowhere to be found. Then here

comes the term “dark matter”, referring to this unfound matter of the

universe. It is called dark because it gives off no light and matter

because it has to have some mass to be able to explain the effects

that they produce. There have been different perspectives about dark

matter. Some scientists think that dark matter is in the form of black

holes, very massive objects floating around in the universe still

unseen. While there are some that believe that dark matter are

subatomic particles that never or seldom interact with matter.

So how did the matter over dark matter come about? Before we will be

able to tackle the issue of the theory of dark matter, when, why, and

how it existed, let us first study the evolution of the different

studies of the universe.

Ptolemy and the Solar System


Long time ago, scientists believed that the sun revolved around the

earth, they all agreed with the scientist Ptolemy’s explanation that

the earth was like a stationary globe where other seven planets

revolved around it. Ptolemy’s seven planets were: the moon, the sun,

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The Almagest explains

Ptolemy’s work. Ptolemy’s model explained the circling motion of the

planets with the star...

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...nough to pull itself back in. It is said that the

critical density of a flat universe is 1. Without dark matter, the

critical density of our universe will be somewhat between 0.1 and

0.01, and that would be an open universe. If there is too much dark

matter, then we must have a closed universe. With the right amount of

dark matter, we will stay as a flat universe. Therefore, this means

that the amount of dark matter will determine what will be the end of

our universe (Miller,1995).


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