Investigating the Stress Levels of BSA Majors in DLSU

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College students are undergraduates who have been admitted to a college or to a university to achieve a certain degree (The Free Dictionary, 2013). These students are required to choose their courses based on their interests, talents and skills (, 2009). By enrolling in these institutions, they will have the opportunity to finish their preferred courses which can help them achieve their chosen careers in the future.

Most college students have the misconception that college is all about pursuing one’s chosen career through studying one’s preferred course. Moreover, they also have the misconception that entering college would always provide those good times, new knowledge, new friends and new experiences. On the contrary, college is not simply studying to have a degree and having those good times with your friends but it is also about knowing how to face problems squarely (Duke College, 2013). Once a student enters college, he is expected to be brave enough to face different challenges and struggles that he will come across due to the great demands and expectations (Curry College, 2013). These overwhelming instances, which are related with the academic curriculum, the faculty, and the physical environment, are usually about doing several demands in a very limited time. Thus, these obstacles and trials that most college students face through their long journey can promote a great deal of stress.

Stress is defined as the sense or feeling of being overload, pressured, or worried (Australian Psychological Society, 2012). It is also described as the natural feeling which can help people cope up with the challenging situations (NHS Choices, 2012). Moreover, it is a natural reaction of the body to too much pressure w...

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...rican Psychological Association.
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