Investigating the Link Between Media and Aggression

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Investigating the Link Between Media and Aggression

We are doing a study on the link between the media and aggression. I

am studying whether or not; aggression in the media has an effect on

children today. Also I am going to go into great detail of aggression

and then media, and then I am going to go in to detail the link

between the two.

There are many different types of aggression and different ways of

expressing aggression. Here is the dictionary definition of

aggression- the act for an instance of commencing an attack, invasion

or quarrel; an assault. In this dictionary there is also a psychology

definition saying; hostile action or behaviors. Aggression is very

common but most people find it hard to define.

Psychologists have split aggression into two simple groups. The first

group is called instrumental aggression; it’s to do with competition

and is used to achieve goals. Also it can be about protecting your

self e.g. a victim of a fight or maybe to get your own way like a

child may ask another child for a toy and when they are refused they

might show aggression towards the other child. This type of aggression

isn’t necessarily accompanied by anger. The second type of aggression

is hostile aggression. Hostile aggression is aimed to damage someone

e.g. in a fight if you are the one who starts the fight then you

purposely do to harm that person. This type of aggression is usually

accompanied by anger.

Media is viewed by the public it is a way of communicating with a

large number of people. Media is the T.V, magazines, radio, videos;

films etc. media is watched read and listened to by all ages including

children. The dictionary definition of media is: mass communication,

the word derived form medium.

Media affects every one and every one is affected by the media. It’s a

huge way of communicating. You can use it as a source of information

e.g. the news. Media creates role models, e.g. superman or children’s
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