Investigating Whether Childred are Born to Succeed or Fail

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Investigating Whether Childred are Born to Succeed or Fail

I conducted an investigation to answer the question "are children born

to succeed or fail?"

This means that systematically when a child is born there future of

whether they are going to succeed or fail is determined depending on

their families' background. A success should have been born into a

Social Class 1 or 2 family, a family that is functional and a family

that loves and cares for their child/children. This is the environment

that a child born to succeed would have been nurtured in. On the other

hand a failure is generally born into a family with low social class

and very little income, have a dysfunctional family who argue

constantly and subsequently neglect their child/children. This should

result in Childs chances of success being very low. This means not all

children are born with the same chances of success because of the

factors of socialisation. There is a debate of nature and nurture,

nature argues that we inherit skills regardless of the way we are

brought up. This is a very good argument because animals for example

instinct (nature) to survive in the wild. Nature on the other hand is

a process of which we learn manners expected of us by society so that

we do not offend but fit in. The way we are nurtured depends on our

parent's behaviour, social class and environment thus the quote "give

me a child before he is 7 and I will show you the man." I have had to

investigate how nurture affects our success because investigating

nature is beyond my resources. In investigating how nature affects our

chances of success I will be looking at social classes of grand -

parents, parents and children from both primary and secondary

resources, I will also be looking at ethnicity and gender.

In my opinion there are two kinds of success and failure, there is

societies opinion or success and failure in which we as a whole

measure there status, income, location of where they live, education,

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