Investigating Speed's Relationship to Size and Shape

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Investigating Speed's Relationship to Size and Shape


I am investigating if the speed of an object changes when the size or

shape is changed.

I will investigate this through 2 experiments.

Apparatus list


20 pieces of tracing paper


Preliminary work

Before my main experiment, I decided to do some practices to determine

how high to drop the paper from. I started at 1m and noticed

immediately that the time it took to reach the ground was too quick

for us to take a reading in. I decided to increase the height by 1m.

When I dropped the paper from 2m, I was able to take an accurate

reading and decided to increase the height again by 1m. I then

encountered a problem being that it was too dangerous to drop the

paper from this height, so I chose to drop the paper from a height of



Experiment 1: An A4 piece of paper will be dropped from a height of

2m, 3 times. When the paper is released, a stopwatch will be used to

time how long it takes to reach the floor, and this will be recorded

in a table. The average of the three results will be found and the

speed will be calculated. The paper will then be halved to A5 size and

the above will be repeated. I will then fold the paper and repeat the

experiment as many times as possible. 2.389g


I predict that as the size of the paper decreases, the time taken for

the paper to reach the ground also decreases. I think this because as

the size of paper decreases, the surface area exposed to Upthrust also

decreases. Gravity stays the same throughout the experiment because

the mass of the object never changes, but Upthrust does change. This

results in gravity being more dominant on an A5 piece of paper than an

A4 piece of paper, resulting in the time taken for the A5 piece of
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