Investigating Resistance of Wire

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Investigating Resistance of Wire


The purpose of my investigation is to find out how the resistance of

resistance wire varies with length. The resistance is measured by how

easily the current will flow for a given voltage. The voltage is the

push from the battery.


The factors which affect the resistance of a circuit are the length,

thickness and material. I will be changing the length in my

investigation in 10cm intervals.

Fair Test

To keep the experiment fair I will be changing the length of the wire

but will keep the thickness of my wire the same. I will also be

keeping the material of the wire the same as the resistance will be

affected by different metals.


I predict that the longer the wire, the higher the resistance. This is

because it is the collisions between electrons and ions which cause

resistance. Therefore the longer the wire, the more positive ions, so

there will be more collisions and the resistance will be higher.

Different metals have a different amount of resistance. Resistance is

measured in Ohms which is the Greek symbol Ω. This is based on the

scientific knowledge I have learned in lessons.


The apparatus I will be using are:

* Ammeter

* Voltmeter

* Battery

* Resistance wire

* Metre Ruler

* Complete Circuit (connecting wires etc.

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