Investigating Osmosis

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Investigating Osmosis



What is the effect of changing the concentration of Sodium Chloride

Solution on potato cells?



I predict that the lower the concentration of Sodium Chloride

solution, the higher the final mass and length will be and the higher

the concentration of Sodium Chloride solution, the lower the final

mass and length.

[IMAGE][IMAGE]I also think that with a concentration of 0 and 1 molar,

the change in mass and length will be greater than 0.125, 0.25 and 0.5

molar which I think will roughly stay the same.

Osmosis is just a special case of diffusion. It is the net movement of

water molecules across a semi-permeable membrane from a region of high

water concentration to a region of low water concentration.

In the diagram the water molecules diffuse into the concentrated sugar

solution because the water molecules are small enough to pass through

the membrane. The larger the sugar molecules are they are unable to

pass through the membrane into the water solution. Osmosis will stop

when the two solutions reach equal concentrations on either side of

the membrane.



10 Test tubes

Large Potato

4mm Cork borer


Weighing scales

15mm Ruler

Sodium Chloride Solution

Measuring cylinder

Sticky labels

Test tube rack

Paper towels



To ensure that my experiment is safe I will be sure to wear safely

glasses at all times. Take care when using sharp implements like the

scalpel and be sure not to spill the Sodium Chloride solution.

Fair test


To ensure that my experiment is a fair test I will follow my method

exactly at all times and be sure to use the same mm cork borer and cut

all the potato chips to same length.



First of all I will collect all of the equipment needed for the
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