Investigating Factors that Affect Tourism Flows on a General Basis

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Investigating Factors that Affect Tourism Flows on a General Basis

There are a number of factors, which affect the amount of tourists

visiting a country either for a holiday or as a business trip. These

factors can be to a tourist's advantage but the majority of the time

they will put the tourist off travelling to a destination.

Each of these factors can either be Political, Physical, Economic or


Physical may be one of the most common factors that would affect the

tourism flows to a destination. Climate is a prime motivation for mass

leisure travel. Travel for business purposes, and to some extent,

travel in order to visit friends and relatives is less affected by


A key element in leisure travel demand is the degree of comfort to be

experienced at the traveller's destination, such as humidity and

precipitation. If a traveller is not happy with the weather at the

destination it will tend to ruin their holiday.

The weather is a huge importance in much of the travel that takes

place from Northern Europe to the Mediterranean and from North America

to the Caribbean; the intrinsic reason for travel is to visit a sunny

beach destination. The climate is a far less significant influence on

travel from North America to Europe; there is a far higher proportion

of business travel within this flow. The Caribbean is a very popular

destination during the UK's winter months because of the hot climate,

and people from the colder regions of Northern Europe travel to the

Mediterranean because it is hotter; this amounted to around 116

million arrivals in 2000.

Because of the importance of weather and environment ...

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...has a lot to offer and has many

appealing attractions, It is a cheap place to visit and the climate is

very warm all year round, there are also a number of extravagant

hotels which at the moment are generally accommodated by Germans and

Italians. There needs to be more promotion and advertisements about

the country and people with families in the UK need to be targeted as

it is a very cheap destination to visit and provides lots of culture

and historical sites for everyone.

The accessibility into the country is relatively easy and there are a

number of airports within Tunisia, which fly from the main airports in

the UK. Tunisia itself needs to make its cultures known around the

world and its many attractive sites to attract more tourists to

increase their level of income and make their country better


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