Investigating Abortion

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Investigating Abortion

A) 1. Abortion is the premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb.

This sometimes happens on its own and is called a miscarriage. When

most people talk about abortion they normally mean a procured

abortion. This is when the foetus is deliberately killed and removed

from the woman's womb. It can only take place in the first 24 weeks of

pregnancy as that is when the first premature babies are born. In

moral issues laws say that 2 doctors must be present and they must

agree on either of the following circumstances:

Continuing the pregnancy means that there is a risk to the woman's

health, or that of her existing children greater than if the pregnancy

was terminating, allowing up to 24 weeks of pregnancy; or

Continuing the pregnancy would involve severe damage to the woman's

mental or physical health greater than if the pregnancy was

terminated, or there is a strong risk of severe handicap in the

expected continues without time limit.

There are many different methods of abortion which can be split into

two different categories, early methods of abortion and late methods

of abortion. Early methods of abortion include Vacuum Aspiration or

Sharp Curettage which can only take place in the 6th to 16th week.

There is also Mifepristone also known as RU-486 or the "Abortion

Pill." It can only take place between weeks 5 to 7. This method of

abortion takes place over the seven days.

Long term methods include Dilation & Evacuation (D&E) which take place

between the 13th and 20th week plus. Another method is Digoxin

Induction which takes place in the 20th to 32nd week.

Most abortions include different wa...

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... but

in some circumstances I think that people would argue that abortion

could be acceptable, e.g. The baby had been conceived after rape or

incest, or that the child will be severely handicapped and would live

a life of suffering, but in these situation you have got to think

about the fact that saying aborting a child because it is handicapped

is acceptable is like saying that handicapped people do not want to

live, which is not true. I also think abortion may be acceptable in

position where the pregnancy risks the life of the Mother but many

things can be done e.g. praying, having faith in God etc. On the other

hand these circumstances account for very few abortions carried out, I

believe that many people take advantage of abortion and do not think

of it as ending the life of an innocent baby. Which is totally wrong.
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