Inventions and Discoveries of the Italian Renaissance

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During the Italian renaissance there were many inventions, creations, and art, but some of the things still affect our lifestyle today. Some of these things are well known by people, where some are just artwork that has lots of exposure in the modern world. There are people who devote their lives to study these works of art. There must be some information on how this outburst of art and other works began, as before the Renaissance Italy was in a depression. This is a complete turnaround from a depression. In this report I am going to review and go over how the Renaissance started and who kept it alive, by studying the life of rich patrons. There is also going to be sections on specific inventions and artwork that shows renaissance lifestyle, using a book of Art History and information about popular inventions. My paper is written in four sections, two having two subsections apiece. In the first section there is information on the start of the renaissance, who kept it alive, and some popular pre-renaissance works. The second section moves into art, and how art had changed from pre-renaissance to renaissance. The second to last section is focused on the inventions of a man by the name of Leonardo Da Vinci, and how they affect life now. The last section has to do with people, such as people who helped the renaissance stay live, the people ruling the government, and most of all talks more about patrons of the arts. Pre-Renaissance The pre-renaissance is a time period occurring before the renaissance. The pre-renaissance began in the 1200’s, and ended around the early 1300’s. The creations in the pre-renaissance were almost, if not sometimes more popular than works in the renaissance. Most importantly, it is important we know how th... ... middle of paper ... ...vanni’s grandson Lorenzo ruled for 2 decades in Florence and is known as the biggest patron for Da Vinci and Michelangelo. He also is credited with helping Florence prosper economically and starting the renaissance with all his support and patronage. He is known as “il Magnifico”. Conclusion The renaissance was a time where people were able to exert lots of artistic and literary ideas. It all started because of the money from the Medici family and other rich patrons. These people opened up opportunities for many others. Famous works such as the statue of David and the Mona Lisa were made in this time. These works also showed us a huge change in the way that art changed through the few centuries. Da Vinci also created inventions that seemed to be centuries ahead of his time, and showed people that Italy could have been very powerful if some of these ideas were used.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the italian renaissance started and who kept it alive, by studying the life of rich patrons.
  • Explains that the paper is divided into four sections. the first section focuses on the renaissance, who kept it alive, and some popular works.
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