Invention and Inlfuence of the Microscope

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The topic for my essay is going to talking about Chemistry and Technology, and has a focused on the invention and influence on the microscope. Chemistry has helped people look at technology in a different way, such as by the way we use it and how easy it is to find data faster. Technology has also changed Chemistry several ways. Some examples are finding new viruses and finding cures to prevent diseases from spreading around the world and.
The microscope has been a very important part of Chemistry since it was invented. There in some doubt, but Zacharias Jansenn seems to be the one who in vented the microscope in 1595 at Holland (source 1). He invented it by putting to magnifying glass together and a light under the sample he was looking at. Once he did this he could see 20 to 30 times on what he was looking at (source 1). He wanted to look at samples humans could not see with the naked eye. He looked at dirt, grass, and blood even he scraped the tartar of his teeth (source 2). What he saw will change the way everybody looks at everything today.
Society was in a crisis before the microscope was invented. Sickness was running rampant and people who were sick most of times eventually died from it. Many of the people were getting the common cold, flu, and sometimes the plague. People did not know what disease they had; they just knew the symptoms of the disease they had. People around the world were looking for an answer on how to stop what was going on with them. Nobody likes to be sick. Everybody tried many ways to find cures to heal the population of the sick but whatever they did only worked for a few days not if it worked at all. The remedies never fully cured the person from the disease. There was a big proble...

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... has already and will continue to change the way we look at things.
The microscope is an advancement in technology in Chemistry since it was invented since 1959. The technology that involves Chemistry has evolved as the Chemistry that involves technology. From looking at cells 500 times greater to the naked human eye, and from looking at cells to bacteria in an animal to what goes on in a plant and how it absorbs light, the microscope can change the world in just a second when a new discovery is made. People has come very close to discovering a cure from cancer but all the times it has failed time and time again A cure for someone who needs a cure for cancer can happen in a moment with the help of the microscope and the necessary resources. Once people look at life through a microscope, there is no stopping or telling on how many discoveries and cures we can find.
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