Invasive Species Essay: Invasive Species Affects Our Environment

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Ryan Donnelly Period 5-AG Biology 15-15-17 Invasive Species Have you ever thought about how our environment is doing? Lots of invasive species are destroying other native species habitats near your area. It's hard to believe that one invasive species can destroy a whole other species but it is happening a lot now because people are bringing other species from other places such as different countries or something as simple as not cleaning your boat after you just took it to a lake to another lake. There are many invasive species around you right now. Their is over 212 in California alone, there is approximately 50,000 in all of the United states alone. See how this is a problem and could be made into a even bigger problem? You might think that since most of these invasive species are coming from other countries they would be exotic animals, although some of them are exotic, most…show more content…
Such as the red fire ant, the wild boar even the very deadly lionfish that people tell you to try to avoid. These invasive species are affecting our environment, our economy, and our own human health. “Almost half of the native species in the United States are endangered because of invasive species. For example, the Asian chestnut blight fungus virtually eliminated American chestnut from more than 180 million acres of the Eastern United States.” They even say that 10 species of native moths and butterflies have gone extinct because of these nasty invasive species. One of the most iconic invasive species is the beaver. The beaver definitely creates more harm than good. “50 beavers from Canada were relocated to Tierra del Fuego, an archipelago at the southern tip of South America, in 1946 to be hunted for their pelts.” This
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