Intuit Case Study

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Scott Cook founded Intuit in 1983; Cook had a Harvard MBA and had experience from working for Procter & Gamble and Bain & Company. Cook was interested in starting a company that created software for personal computers that both businesses and households could use. He realized that there was yet to be software that was suitable to handle personal finances, thus he created Intuit. Intuit’s first product was called Quicken; it was released in 1984 and was a personal finance program. In 1992 Inuit launched QuickBooks, an accounting program meant for the use of small businesses. In 1993 Inuit acquired ChipSoft, the company that created TurboTax personal tax software (Stanford Business, 2010). TurboTax is a tax preparation product for taxpayers who file quarterly estimated payments. It guides users through an interview-like process and provides payment calculators and e-filing of estimated tax payments to collect their tax return data it. Paul Coletta and Floyd Morgan, two senior employees at Intuit had worked on the TurboTax tax preparation product for several years. After working with some customers Intuit had discovered some usability issues or what they liked to call “pain points”. When attempting to fix these pain points they would either make them worse or mess up something else entirely. Coletta and Morgan felt that TurboTax needed to improve user experience and fix these pain points, they both agreed that going “social” asses that. Inuit felt that User Contribution System would be the solution to their problems. A User Contribution System engages users and facilitates their contributions towards creating value of a product or service to other users. These systems are extremely beneficial to companies that incorporate them int... ... middle of paper ... ...g with the TurboTax product itself. They would be able to get one-on-one answers to their questions via messaging or video chat whichever one the consumer feels more comfortable using when interacting with an expert. The next solution, which is providing a licensed CPA to do their taxes for them for a fee, would provide users with easy fix to whatever difficulties they may have been with the TurboTax product. Even though they would have to pay an additional fee it would be quick and easy and they wouldn’t even need to leave their house to go to an on-site tax preparer. In my opinion the best option to go with is the “talk with an expert” system, it’s would provide users with all the help they would require while using the TurboTax product. It would require hiring experts to work around the clock but with Intuit’s strong financial presence it shouldn’t be a problem.
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