Introspection In Everyday Life

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What is introspection? Does everyone use introspection? How can introspection affect us in our everyday life? Introspection is the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional process. The Latin root-word meaning is to look inside. Specifically, introspection is self-observation, or in other words self-analysis. Self-analysis is looking at your own personality and actions. To go more in depth, self-observation or self-analysis is whenever you carefully observe yourself. While self-observing, you are actually soul-searching. When observing yourself you must inspect what you say, think, do, feel, how it affects you, and why; That is introspection.
An example of introspection could be meditation, or just simply interrupting your thoughts or actions. By using this tool,
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On the other hand, many people use introspection in their everyday lives and don’t realize it. Something as simple as taking a test, and getting a failing grade back and then thinking to yourself “Why didn’t I think to study?”. You then begin to self-analyze what kept you busy instead of studying for that test. This leaves you with a learned response to not procrastinate studying for your next exam. Another example could be when an attractive boy asks you for a pencil in class and you nervously respond with babble that doesn’t make any sense. Now all you’re thinking for the next two weeks is “Why the heck did I do that?”. With this in mind, introspection could be something positive or negative. For example, you may start to analyze your weaknesses or failures, rather than your successes and strengths, causing introspection to turn into self-criticism. It is okay to dwell on our inner thoughts, although too much negative introspection could turn into something unhealthy and cause other psychological issues. Otherwise, it is important to reflect on our behaviors, feelings, and values in order to become a better

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