Introduction to Psychology Readings

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Introduction to Psychology Readings

In Introduction to Psychology taught by Dr. Mary Kay Streit, we were leaning information form our book Introduction to Psychology Eighth Edition? The class study forms chapters 1 to 20 slipping a few in the middle. The class had a fast past and was full of useful information. At first I had a very hard time keeping up. The first two tests I barely passed. The teacher was always willing to help with what she could. Me myself had other problems going in to the class. I am a learning disabled student who was not getting as much helps as I need. The classes that were being taken by me were college level and were all time consuming. Dr. Kay was very reasonable and did what she could she also give us different ways the study for the test so that we could bring are grades up. In the next paragraphs to follow I will be telling you and just a few topics we covered in the course.

In chapters one and two we went over the search for understanding and research methods and critical thinking. These topics were pretty general but were very helpful in the over all book. Every chapter lead into the next one. In chapter one we learned what does psychology mean. Well today there is a study for everything and well to me psychology is like the study of the body and how it works mentally not so much physically. All throws there are parts of psychology that do. To me its more backed on why people act the way they do what makes them think the things they think and how those throws came about. In the book psychology is defined as the scientific study of human and animal behavior. We also learn in chapter one about the five views or behavior. Forces within ones personality, which are often hidden, or unconsciou...

... middle of paper ..., personality and abnormal behaviors. All the chapters had their different meaning but these 4 were based on feels your personality is a lot of what you make of it along with what you inhered. Your personality can come with some disorders like eating disorders social disorders and more emotion has a lot to do with how you care your self. If you are a person who does not feel good about there self you. So your ovation and personally go a long with it one thing always deals with the other. That was what was mostly learned in the last chapters

In chapter 19 and 20 we are taking a test on so I will conclude with this in the paragraphs above you learned how psychology is tired in with the expires we have has a child. I believe it's all about your enverment. I leaned a lot and the class was very fun. Taking this class has made me think about becoming a psychologist.
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