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Defense Housing Scheme is a high class housing Scheme administered by Pakistan Army which was developed for current and retired military personnel. It is famous in all major cities of Pakistan which are as follow;
Islamabad- Rawalpindi
Defense Housing Authority Lahore
Defense Housing Authority Lahore is well developed housing scheme in the south of capital of Punjab Lahore. It was established in the year 1975 and the opening of this well developed housing authority was held on 19th March 1975. Under the Pakistan Army supervision this housing scheme was completed. It was developed for military officers and personnel initially but with the passage of time private sector showed its interest in DHA because of its beauty and well developness. With the passage of time this housing scheme has become the source of Pakistan Military because too much businessmen bought land in this housing scheme.
The reason behind excessive land bought by the private sector was the security conditions of the country. As it was the plus point of Defense Housing Scheme from the start that it was guarded by military itself and it created a lot of satisfaction for the private businessmen to settle down in here. By the passage of time the rate of the land started to increase up and up because of the increase in demand of private sector. So the military has to develop this housing scheme to other major cities also. Now a days the military is buying more and more land to expand DHA in all the major cities of Pakistan one example of this is that there are 11 phases of DHA in Lahore by the end of year 2013. (Establishment, 2014)
Defense Housing Scheme Lahore, Phase VI
Defense Housing Scheme Lahore Phase VI is lo...

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...2011 is 1,566 persons/sq. Km. The number of dwellings in this city are 9,645 and the area of this city is 15.76 km2. People living in these areas are Cristian’s and most of them are Roman Catholics. 3.9 percent people are having no religion. ("Demographics", 2014)

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