Introduction To Conflict Resolution And Peace Studies, And Conflict Resolution

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My father spent his early life running. Running from the terror in Mexico to the United States. Running from the gang and violence-infested communities in southeast Los Angeles to Houston. With each start he was not only running away from something, but towards something: towards a safer future for his family. In his eyes, the desired future was not attainable in such areas where conflict was prevalent. The only viable option was not to wait for the tensions to subside but to take matters into his own hands and search for the harmony that he never experienced. Growing up, I noted how these experiences influenced my father’s values in the way that he tried to raise his family. While these accounts did not directly affect me as much as they…show more content…
For the foundation requirements, my planned courses are Introduction to Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies, and Conflict Resolution. By taking Introduction to Conflict Resolution, I hope to establish the basis of what I can expect throughout the rest of program. Through Conflict Resolution, I hope to become knowledgeable in utilizing effective strategies in resolving conflict in communication. Conflict can emerge in the lack of or misinterpretation of communication among individuals or institutions, and this course would be essential for gaining experience in recognizing these behaviors. The three strand courses that I plan to take are Human Rights and World Politics, Communication and Social Change, and Peacemaking Rhetoric. By taking Human Rights and World Politics, I hope to learn how different regions of the world are run and how this affects the rights of their citizens. I plan to gain more perspective on how world leaders differ in views on how they define a human right and how this plays into these countries’ relations with each other and within their own communities. In addition, I also plan on taking Communication and Social Change. Through this course, I hope to gain insight in how communication has and is shaping the way our society makes progress. As much conflict emerges through differences in communication or through communication, it is important that I understand how to communicate effectively to reverse these conflicts. This leads to my third class, Peacemaking Rhetoric, where I plan to gain the skills to effectively convince and inspire others to strive for

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