Introduction To Cognitive Behavior Therapy Essay

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Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Therapy
When faced with behavioral problems such as depression, extreme fear, personality disorders, anger or agression and anxiety, it is common to open up to peers or trusted people in social circles and family members. When the problem is overrated, such cases are commonly refered to a counselor. However, many parts of the world have been using simple psychotherapy remedies for many years. These remedies are cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT). Therefore, cognitive behavioral therapies are interventions that are collectively in agreement that cognitive fators are behind psychological distresses as well as mental disorders. Therapists in cognitive behavioral therapy work towards the identification and treatment of difficulties that are caused by
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Consequently, cognitive behavioral therapies are seen to be developed to address specific contents in mind which means they are ‘disorder specific’.

Therapeutic approach
In order to work effectively, cognitive behavioral therapies as the term suggests combine both the cognitive and the behavioral strategies in helping people with psychological distress. The cognitive part of the therapy helps the affected person become aware of distortions in their thoughts that cause psychological distress while the behavioral part helps the affected person realize the patterns that are used in reinforcing as well as treating them.
The most significant insight of cognitive therapy as originally formulated by Dr. Beck over three decades ago is that thoughts act as a go-between between stimuli, such as external events as well as emotions. From the illustration in the figure below, it is stimulus that elicits a thought, which might be an evaluative decision of some kind which in turn results to an
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