Introduction Of Supply Chain Management

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Introduction Supply chain management has been defined as that process that involves the management of information, materials, and all the finances that are handled within and across the entire supply chain process (Christopher, 2016). The management is usually done through out the entire supply chain management from that moment when the suppliers are involved through all the manufacturing activities, different distribution activities, and the way that the products are served to the final product consumer (Turban, et al., 2002). The process also includes all the activities that different organizations offers to their customers as after sale services for purposes perfecting their services and products towards their highly valued customers (Christopher, 2016). Some of the after sales services that organizations always engages in include devising effecting methods of handling any complaints that are raised by their customers, recycling their packages and handling any of their products that are considered to be discarded (Turban, et al., 2002). As such, supply chain management can be termed as the combination of all the activities that includes the process of coordinating the provided information, management of all the logistics, as well as managing all the financial flows that tend to take place with different organizations (Simchi-Levi, Simchi-Levi, & Kaminsky, 1999). In the recent years, there have been an emergence of issues concerning supply chain management that have made the process to generate interests from different stakeholders for different purposes. One of the reasons that have made supply chain an interesting topic within organizations is the rise in competition that has developed recently between different organizati... ... middle of paper ... ... al., 2002). The process of order batching may also take a central role in bringing about the effect for the reason that most of the changes that are brought about by product demand happen to be hidden. Additionally, it is important to note that most of thee practices may be exaggerated by some of the marketing efforts developed by the company thus bringing about the snowballing effect to the organizations (Christopher, 2016). Most importantly, it is important to note that the effect brought about by bullwhip can be tamed by employing the integrative approach that happens to employ the use of timely information that is usually shared by those in the supply chain team (Lee, Padmanabhan, & Whang, 1997). Additionally, the presence of having a strong relationship between the supply chain players also take a central role in solving the effects brought about by bullwhip.
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