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Introduction of Roger’s chocolates With 131 years of chocolate business, Rogers’ Chocolates is still one of the oldest and famous companies producing traditional and premium kind of chocolates. Rogers’ Chocolates, also known as Rogers’, was founded by Charles “Candy” Rogers in 1885 A.D. in Victoria, British Columbia. It is one of the oldest chocolate company to be still up and running in Canada. The company was family owned until the late 1920s for more than 50 years even after the death of Charles Rogers. Later on, the company was sold by his wife to a customer which went on changes on authority and ownership wise after that. The ownership was changed three times until the mid-2000s. Currently, the company is owned and operated locally by a Canadian family who are focused on carrying the long and proud tradition and legacy of the founders of the company. The head office of Rogers’ Chocolates is situated in Victoria, near the Empress Hotel with manufacturing plant facility in the outskirts of Victoria. (Thompson, Strickland, & Gamble, 2008). Rogers’ Chocolates is famous for creating high-end, premium, high quality and hand wrapped chocolates including truffles, Victorian creams, chocolate bars, nuts and fruits type and various type of assortments. It also produces speciality items, even no sugar added chocolates and a line of premium ice cream novelty items. Rogers’ were of the highest quality and in 2006 won the prestigious Superior Taste Award from the International Taste & Quality Institute (Thompson et al., 2008). The company believes that the success of the company is purely depended on the quality of the chocolates produced with authenticity and presenting what is best for the customers. (……refe). In 2007, after the retire... ... middle of paper ... ...Distribution Rogers’ Chocolate earned major revenues through distribution in four areas mainly retail stores, wholesale, online/mail order and through Sam’s Deli. Retail stores collected 50 per cent of the total revenue. The attractive display on the stores with aromatic environment contributed in the generation of the revenue. In 2000, Rogers’ Chocolate won Retail council of Canada’s Innovative Retailer of the Year award through better employee and customer relations. The Victoria stores could sell anything because of the popular and positive brand image of Rogers’ Chocolates. The inventory problem was not an issue in the retail stores as such as in the wholesale. Wholesale business generated up to 30 per cent of the total sale revenue generated. But the sales generated from wholesale markets have dropped down because of reduction and elimination by large accounts.

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