Introducing a New Employee to a Company or Business

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Introduction This assignment is to detail how we would introduce a new employee to the business through Induction this helps them work safely and effectively. This also includes existing employees how they would benefit from coaching and improve their skills within the work place. What the benefits are of completing a proper constructed introduction. The assignment is based on if we had a new member on our teams. We have to arrange for them to be inducted following the Induction process explain how its operated and what support they will receive from us as an employer. Describe the Benefits of Induction Every company no matter how big or small should have a well constructed Induction Program. Employees who have a well thought out Induction tend to stay with the company longer as they feel a valued member of the team. The Induction is to effective integration of staff into the company for the mutual benefit of both parties. This can be a daunting experience for any new member who joins a company. New People and new computer programs can be a very scary experience. Some benefits are below. Health And Safety – This is a very important part of the induction it gives the employer chance to inform what the health and safety requirements within the business are. Whether it is the signing in and out procedure or how to report any hazards they may come across. Employee feels welcome – Starting a new job can be nerve wracking for anybody. It can bring out a number of feelings in each individual. An induction can settle the employee’s nerves help them to understand what is expected of them and a great way to meet other members of the team. This in term gives a professional impression of the company and your management style i... ... middle of paper ... ...e used as a tool to tell people what a good job they are doing which in term keeps the person motivated and happy. Respect people for their time and effort they put in through their working day. Coaching is a great form of feedback a coach believes that employees are able to change the way they do things and achieve more and develop themselves. If people are given the opportunity and are willing to do something to improve its can lead to great satisfaction. Feedback has to be constructive and be positive. You must always make the person feel valued and Supported. The feedback must be relevant and specific and must have a time frame included. Feedback is a chance for the individual to make changes and develop which in term can make the person more confidant within their job roll. This helps them to enjoy the job they do and feel enthusiastic about things.
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