Introducing Rough and Ready Lumber Co. and the Swanson Group

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Introducing Rough and Ready Lumber Co. and the Swanson Group Lumber companies such as Rough and Ready Lumber Co. and The Swanson group have been providing jobs for the last several Decades. Specifically, Rough and Ready Lumber Co. began in 1922 in Cave Junction Oregon by the Krauss brothers, additionally, the Swanson Group was founded in 1951 in Glendale Oregon. In brief, these lumber companies create direct and indirect jobs for thousands of citizens in the surrounding areas of their locations. While there is a natural need for the product these companies provide, there have been several barriers preventing logging, which is necessary to keep business doors open. The Economics According to Rough and Ready Lumber Co.’s president, Jennifer Phillippi, the company provided 1500 indirect jobs which included the 225 direct jobs up until 1990 (Phillippi, 2014). Additionally, in the 90’s, Rough and Ready produced 90 million board feet of timber. A million board feet of lumber produced by either of these companies, about 23 to 24 direct and indirect jobs are created (Phillippi, 2014). Further, the Swanson Group reports that they currently supply 800 direct jobs (Krauss, 2014). The timber industry fuels the economic structure of rural areas in Southern Oregon. Employees of lumber companies, also contribute to their communities as coaches, FFA and 4-H leaders, local rotary members and other volunteering jobs. When communities lack employment due to mill closures, funding for schools, police and other important entities lack as well. Additionally, Rough and Ready Lumber Co. and the Swanson group are considered traded-sector jobs, which means they make a product and employ people locally, sell the product elsewhere and then the r... ... middle of paper ... ...tection Agency. Retrieved from National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA): Krauss, C. (2014, May 19). Vice President of Legal Affairs at the Swanson Group. (S. Panacy, Interviewer) (2014). Oregon Department of Forestry - Private Forests Program. Retrieved from Oregon Forest Practices Act: Phillippi, J. (2014, May 20). President of Rough and Ready Lumber Co. (S. Panacy, Interviewer) (2013). Definitions for ORS 284.101 to 284.146 and ORS chapters 285A, 285B and 285C. Retrieved from Zielinski, E. (2012, April 25). The Northwest Forest Plan. Retrieved from U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIORBUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT:

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