Intro Human Attitudes Towards Nature And Wildlife Management: An Essay On Wildlife Management

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Savannah Jessop Ms. Violette Research Paper 11, November 2017 Wildlife Management Intro Human attitudes towards nature and wildlife have, historically been ambivalent. Prehistoric societies of hunters and gatherers seem to have understood wild animals not only as a source of food and clothing but also as objects of reverence. That concept has changed dramatically over time. As humans develop in our world today, management for animals can be a difficult conflict. With all of the new production, there are many concerns on how to properly manage wildlife so they don’t overpopulate or vice versa, become endangered. Managing wildlife is important to ensure we have a safe future for the animals and the communities in which we live and…show more content…
We as people are some of many reasons animals become endangered. Natural habitats are ruined because of human activities such as construction work, the extension of agricultural work, destruction of forests, etc. which results in bad effects in animal’s habitat, food cycle, reproduction progress and climate. They don’t have any further vegetation which causes them to Land for cultivation is extended due to the population growth. Various types of development and construction work are continuing. Similarly, settlement areas are expanding and urbanization is taking place. Grazing land is declining in size which is the reason these animals have less and less vegetation and as we produce more for us. Natural disasters also impact on wildlife. The ecosystem is destroyed due to forest fire, destruction of forests, use of insecticides and pesticides, etc. An aquatic ecosystems are ruined when construction work is done and also by explosions due to mining and other reconstruction. Animals living both on the land and water are affected. There will be the lack of habitat for the animals. Human shouldn’t degrade the ecosystem. We shouldn’t placeharmful things like rubbish, insecticides, etc. directly to water sources. When we protect the ecosystem, it helps to protect the biodiversity so it’s not something

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