Intra- and Inter-professional Collaborative Practice

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Intra- and inter-professional collaborative practice As professional nurses we cannot forget our basic role of holistic approach in all what we do. In the same manner holders of advanced nursing degree are expected to uphold the same value but with added responsibilities and accountability. Regardless of the area of practice, advanced nurse practitioner need to show leadership and mentorship ability when carrying out his or her duties for optimal outcome. This could be easily achieved if Collaboration between nurses and members of other profession at all levels within or outside healthcare sector is practiced (Leathard, 2001). To make Evidence Based practice a reality in any given area, healthcare and society in general needs expert nursing professionals capable of leadership in intra and interdisciplinary collaboration to shape the health care system and improve nursing care outcomes (Houser, 2011). When it comes to translation of research into practice, I would be expected as DNP holder to liaise with PhD Prepared nurses as well as other members of healthcare team to effectively synthesize available knowledge so that it can practically be used for the better of the patient and society at large. I believe it is also in order for DNP prepared nurses to suggest to and be part of research with PhD nurses to solve problems encountered during their clinical, administrative or academic practice. While in many healthcare organizations nurses constitute the largest percentage of workforce, they cannot work in isolation. For this reason just like in intra-professional collaboration, Inter-professional collaboration is inevitable. Inter-professional has been defined in many ways. World Health Organization (2010) has put it simply as col... ... middle of paper ... ... april 8). Inter-professional collaboration: three best practice models of inter-personal education. Medical Education Online, 16. Retrieved April 29, 2014, from Houser, J. (2011). Evidence-Based Practice; An implementation guide for Healthcare organizations. Colorado: Jones &Bartlett Learning, LLC. Leathard, A. "Rev. ed." (2001). Going Inter-professional: working together for health and welfare. (A. Leathard, Ed.) London, UK: Taylor & Francis e-Library. Ohio State University college of Nursing. (2014, April 29). transforming Health, transforming live. Retrieved from OSU: World Health Organization. (2010). Framework for Action on Interprofessional Education & Collaborative Practic. Geneva: WHO.

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