Into The Wild Transcendentalism Analysis

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Transcendentalism is the philosophical movement thats based on nature and spirituality while going against society and materialism (Transcendentalists, 2016). Into the Wild tells us a story about Chris McCandless, who follows theseTranscendentalist ideas. Chris is 22-years-old which he left what appeared to be a privileged life in 1990. Chris as a young child lived in an uneasy family who was angered by the misunderstanding of his mother and father and their letdowns as parents. As Chris graduates, he distances his self from his family and friends, disappearing with out any information and started an off road journey.

Chris has chosen to change his name to "Alexander Supertramp”. The transformation of this coded name signifies Chris’ denial of his parents and their values. Chris may have selected "Alexander" to signify Alexander the Great, a man who ruled and succeed in different territories unknown to him. The last name “Supertramp” indicates that Chris wants to be a super
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He does not accept any kind of materialistic opportunity. As money is known as a way of of practicing materialism which is why. Every chance to abandon a minimalist lifestyle must be done to be able to follow the ideas of Transcendentalism. Evidently Chris practices minimalism in the book when his friend forces him to bring clothes to keep him warm: “He eventually took it to shut me up...but the day after he left, I found most of it in the van. He's pulled it out of his pack when we weren't looking and hid it up under the seat” (PG 46). Here it shows that Chris’ mindset is set on his goals and as man he is able to do what he does and not what other people say. He gives up things that could help him stay alive in the wild but due to Transcendentalism and act against materialism he is able to stay with his goal. His strong and committed way of living a minimalist lifestyle helps him become a closer to the ideal Transcendentalist
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