Into The Wild: Is life on the road for everyone

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Life on the road is meant for the strong at heart and the mindful skills of a person who knows what they’re doing. To live the life on the road you need a set skill and mind to handle the rough odds ahead of yourself. It is not for the weak and the non experience because they will get brutally hurt or even worse killed in the process. Challenges such as food, knowing where to find clean water, heat for the cold nights, shelter, and most important how to hunt and pick berries. Without these essential set skills a person will not make it on their own on the road by themselves. Some of us are born into a society of helpful hands and assistance with daily life functions, but in this case you will be alone with no helping hand or handouts. Life on the road is meant for the strong and is not for everyone. Christopher Johnson McCandless is a prime example of not being able to handle the challenges on the road. Introduced in chapter one as Alex, he is picked up by a truck driver and is described to have barely anything to help him on his journey. On chapter one, page five the statement, “ Still, Gallien was concerned. Alex admitted that the only food in his pack was a ten-pound bag of rice. His gear seemed exceedingly minimal for the harsh conditions of the interior,”(5) Gallien notices that Alex doesn’t even have the bare essential to even keep up with the harsh conditions he will face alone. Having the right gear and supplies for the road is a need. Without it you might as well consider yourself dead or quit while you are ahead. Another example of him not being prepared is his hunting weapon. “His rifle was only .22 caliber, a bore too small to rely on if he expected to kill large animals like moose and caribou, which he would have to... ... middle of paper ... ... in what you can do. The things you learn from being by yourself and taking care of yourself amazing. You learn how to hunt for your food, learn how to pick from plants to eat, and also know where to find clean what to bathe and drink from. Knowledge you gain from this journey you can take is endless and growing. Biggest advantage over people who spent their whole life in a house and having things handed to them Life on the road is not for everyone, it’s for the strong at heart and mind. The willfulness to survive and make it. If you can’t strive to survive it’s not meant for you and you may just die trying. Alex himself was not ready himself, I wasn’t ready when I first started off. Life on the road deals with challenges not everyday city people deal with but more of how to survive off nature herself and also having the skills to make it and get by day by day.

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