Interview with the Vampire - Book vs. Movie

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Interview with the Vampire - Book vs. Movie

I cannot speak for all, but I find watching the movie much more interesting than reading the book. I find that the movie paints a perfect picture well on the other hand reading the book you have to let your imagination take over and create images in your head of what might the scene look like. “Interview with the Vampire” was a well-written book and a well developed movie after reading the book and the watching the movie I found the movie much more entertaining then reading the book. In this essay you will read on how the setting, plot and the characters were created in the movie and in the book and their similarities.

I found that the setting in the movie and in the book were the things that had the most similarities. Both the movie and the book are very close when it comes to the setting, and so are most of the scenes throughout the book and the movie. The setting in the movie takes place in New Orleans and in the gorgeous city of Paris. The old English style of clothing was brought into the movie and it was very appropriate for the film. In the file Cruise and Pitt had a very long hair style which fit with the time period perfectly. The Director Neil Jordan tried to capture very dark, passionate world which would fit the vampire environment. Most of the scenes are shot during the very cold dark night. I think that the Director Neil Jordan did I great job creating most of the scenes in the movie, but I think that the veins protruding on the face were a bit too much, the blue tint looked very unnatural, and also some of the scenes were taken a bit took fore, the bloody scenes were way to graphic and looked very unreal. But other then that I found the movie entertaining and funny at some point of the movie. For example their was a time in the movie when Claudia develops an insatiable thirst for blood and kills her piano teacher in the middle of a lesson, Lestat reprimands her, "What did I tell you?" "Never in the house," she says meekly. In the novel the setting also takes place in New Orleans and in Paris. The novel starts off with a young boy interviewing a vampire named Louis and fades off and on onto story scenes that Louis is telling to the young boy. Basically to say the settings in the movie and book are about the same. The writer Anne Rice also does a great job creating a vampire environm...

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... And finally the 6-year-old girl who was adapted into their lives as their sister is Claudia played by Kirstein Dunst. In the movie Claudia had very long curly blond hair and dark blue eyes. She also dressed in English old Style closing to go along with the time period. In the book Claudia is described as, “She had a voice equal to her physical beauty, clear like a little silver bell. It was sensual. Se was sensual. Her eyes were as wide and clear as Babette’s.”

In conclusion, “Interview With The Vampire” has a very dark and morbid tone, with a lot of black humor. The look back through time was very well done. Even though I find the movie much more entertaining, don’t take my word for it, I think that you should give the book a chance as well and not just go straight to the movie, because Anne Rice dose a great job on this book. The sets and the atmosphere for all of the various time periods were authentic. If you're interested in vampires and/or history you should give “Interview With The Vampire” a chance.


BOOK AND MOVIE “Interview With The Vampire” Anne O’Brien Rice, Interview With The Vampire

United States, The Ballantine Publishing Group, 1976
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