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Before reading this paper one needs to know a little about me, Megan Koons. I am the youngest of three girls, my oldest sister is six years older than me and my middle sister is four years older than me. My parents are together and have been all my life. Growing up I saw my sisters fight and so I knew what not to do and got along wonderfully with both my sisters. I saw my oldest sister fight with my mom and my middle sister fight with my dad, so again I knew how to not make me parents mad and got along with them wonderfully as well. This paper will focus on a set of questions answered by my mother. I started out with a broad question asking her to describe our relationship in high school in her own words. Her response was “We had a close and pretty open relationship. I suppose you were as open as a high school girl can be when confiding in her parents. You always knew we would do what we could for you and you were always willing to help out.” Honestly I couldn’t word our relationship better myself. Many times in class we talk about how children rebel or want to make themselves different from their parents, they have a phase where they slam doors and close off from their parents, however that never happened with me and my parents. I then proceeded to ask her what was her biggest fear for me going into high school was, she replied “You growing apart from us, but you didn’t!” Again we have talked many times in class how at some point high school adolescents go through a period when they drift away from their parents but not me. The next question I asked was do you think our relationship changed through out high school and if so how? “Yes I do, it became stronger. You are a unique young woman. You are always easy to talk to, watchin... ... middle of paper ... ...ricter with you when it came to him if things would be different. The one thing I didn’t want to do was to be so stubborn about your relationship with him that I would push you toward him more. I think by talking openly with you about him and letting you know how I felt but leaving it up to you was the best way to handle it.” The questionnaire continued for about another ten questions with that I will attach to the end of this paper but as you can tell my relationship with my parents has been a wonderful one and I am very blessed to have an open relationship. My parents let me find out who I was on my own but was there to help me when I needed it, they are the perfect example of good parenting. I still have just as strong relationship with them as I did in high school maybe even better if that is possible. Also I still have a wonderful relationship with my sisters.
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