Interview With a Friend

Interview with A Friend

When thinking of people I could possibly interview, and then deciding that most of them wouldn’t be very interesting, I decided to interview a friend of mine. N.H. At first glance he seems like any other 15 year old but once you get to know him, you’ll soon realize that, that isn’t the case.

Firstly he’s moved around and experienced more things then most people his age, even most people in general, and has developed a unique personality because of this. N. was born in 1985, in Finland but moved shortly afterwards to England and then again moved after only a few years to Malawi in Africa. The reason for them moving was that his father’s job bored him. He basically grew up as an ex pat in Africa and even though N. lived behind gates in a large house, he still had a sort of bond to the people. “The one thing that I’ll never forget, “ N. informs me of, “was the time when we had an armed robbery. There had been a gang of locals, running around the town we lived in, but being a bit naïve, we never thought that they’d ever try and rob us.” “We were watching Formula 1 on TV and I suddenly heard the door burst open. Four armed men came charging in and the only thing my father could do was say ‘Oh sh*t’. They took everything of value, including the TV and I have to admit, I was dumbstruck.” He carries on to tell me about how they just came running in, waving their guns around, telling his family to lay down on the floor. The staff were helpless and had t...

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