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I originally planned on conducting this interview with the owner of the Subway that I work at; however, when I was unable to plan a time to interview her before this assignment’s due date, I decided that it would be just as beneficial to interview her daughter Amber, who is one of the managers. I plan on working with Disney in the future, but do not yet have the connections to interview someone that works with Disney directly. For this reason, I decided that it would be advantageous to interview a member of management at the Subway I work at since Subway has an emphasis on customer satisfaction in the same way that Disney does. I conducted this interview on Monday, February 2nd, at 4 PM at Subway.
In the first half of her interview, I asked her about communication in relation to the people she works with. One of the first interpersonal communication topics Amber emphasized was the matter of age in the workplace. In many workplaces, it is common for the hierarchy of authority to be directly correlative with the ages of the people working there; however, La Fontaine Subway does not match this usual model. The owner is in her forties, as is the other manager, and the employees range from high school students to middle aged workers. Even though Amber is only in college, she is a manager, and expressed in her interview that she felt her young age made her feel as if some of the other workers did not look up to her as they should. Even though I have been working with her since the location opened, it never occurred to me that she would consider this to be an issue. Upon further introspection, however, it is a valid point. It is difficult to receive respect from people around you in general, but to receive it from people who a...

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...le on my face and kindly explain to them that there is no such thing as an Italian sandwich, but that we do have Spicy Italian and Italian BMT subs as options. I will definitely have to maintain this philosophy when working with Disney. Vacations can be incredibly stressful, and I have seen more than a few families at Disney have meltdowns in front of the Cast Members that work there.
Ultimately, I learned a great deal from my interview with Amber. In communicating with coworkers, I learned about age, professionalism, indirect communication, social media, and communicating with people that have different goals. In communicating with customers, I learned about customer feedback, omission, the benefits of customer service, and control. Overall, I believe what I have learned from Amber in this interview will be of great benefit in my future endeavors with Disney.
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