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When I saw the prompt for this interview I knew I wanted to do something involving Canada. As a Canadian, I love when I get to incorporate it into my schoolwork. Over the break I was going back to Canada and felt that interviewing my cousin would be a great idea. While I already knew him fairly well and features of his life were apparent in mine as well, there existed vital aspects in his life that I did not have and wanted to understand. While we both were born in Canada in large cities, I moved away not only from Canada but also to a small city. I wanted to see if his experience of always living in a big city had an affects. I also wanted to see how the presence of the Spanish culture played a part in his life. His mother, my aunt, moved to Canada from Spain in her early adulthood and has made sure that her culture is apart of her children’s lives. The interview was conducted at a local pub in Oakville, Ontario. Since we both grew up in the town, the pub, called Coach and Four, carried many fond memories and was a place that allowed for an open conversation. There were about 12 other people in the pub; the bartender and one waitress, and then 10 other customers spread out among the bar. The décor was classic Irish pub, with a green “old-timey” wallpaper accompanied with dark wood accents all leading to the focal point of the carved bar in the same wood. Pictures from laces in Scotland to England hung on the walls accompanied by 3 flat screen televisions placed through the room. We decided to sit in a both on the second tier close to the door, so that we could see the TV because the hockey game was on. We got there around 6:30 p.m. so we ordered some food and drinks upon arrival. While we waited on the food, I explained to Dan... ... middle of paper ... ...I thought would happen, the interview actually went smoothly and lasted a couple hours of just talking like we would at any normal time. Reading The Art of Fieldwork, by Harry Wolcott, I thought his point of making the questions short and to the point is an aspect I still need to work on. When I read that I did not think it was a big factor, but after conducting the interview and noticing the part where he talks about how elaboration can lead to an answer, I understand how that could affect the information I received. Some of the other aspects he talked about such as listening more and talking less I agree that they should usually be observed, but felt they were not applicable to my interview because if I did most of the listening and just let Daniel talk, it would cause the atmosphere of the conversation to change because the conversation would have felt one sided.
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