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Interview a Senior Citizen Aging is about the experiences and there are several chapters in older people’s lives. We can learn from the elderly and their lives. (Tappen, 1981). The interview was very interesting to discover how people thought and lived in the 1930s and 1940s. In addition, how hard it was to get opportunities to get educated and get a job. People were stricter about specific topics such as sexual orientation, morality, sex. The majority of older people lived in poverty, and they married underage, as well as they had a lot of children. Also, older people had to do hard work because they don’t have a chance to get a college degree. Parenthood was very different in these days, and they were stricter to their children, and the…show more content…
In 2011, he fell on the stairs, and he had broken his leg. He was hospitalized with a terrible infection in the leg, and he stayed in the hospital one and half months. He passed his months, and he ended up back in the hospital because an infection in his body. After that, he had brain surgery, and he was one week in intensive care for his recovery. The doctors told his family that he had not hoped to survive. He told me that he felt better when he knew his family cared about him, and his family made the best for his recovery. A man had found today, but he has lost his hearing. According to Berk (2010), older adults tend to use their vision to interpret the words of what others tell them. Also, hearing loss is related to age and will be hereditary (pp. 569-570). It was difficult for me when I completed the interview because the man often changed my words and questions. This person lives with his wife, but he cannot live alone. Meanwhile, the man does not want any help, and he feels self-confident that he can do any activity. McCormick (2014) found that nurses will give a better quality of life, and the older adult will be more independent, and older adults do not feel alone (pp.…show more content…
In addition, the life meaning how the emotional maturity increase in the experience and age (Berk, 2010). It was very interesting for how this man got ahead with his children and with his wife, even without education. He had to work in the camps, and he had adversity for gaining money to support his family. It was hard for him to move to a city without supportive family, and he and his wife had started in the above after his marriage. In life, education is very important to get ahead, and not all people had the opportunity to graduate from college. It is also notable how people who live on the ranches are more conservative than people who live in the city. This man taught me that if a person works so hard he/she will reach his/her goals. Also, he taught me that poverty is not an obstacle to get ahead in life, and if an individual wants, he/she can do whatever she/he wants. The older man is very conservative and the best way to describe him is that he values his family as most important. The importance of family allowed him to have a great aging experience and older people will have a better quality life if they have good

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