Intervention In Nursing Essay

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When I think about nursing I think about what our actions are as nurses, and how we utilize our nursing skills. What are nurses interventions and actions? Basically, the idea of nursing is what do nurses do? Nurses play a major role in health care. We must have an understanding that our idea of healthy and our patients are usually very different. Nurses must explore ways to address the idea of wellness with each patient, and that is done by education and assessments. Nurse’s must have a clear understanding of the perspective of their patient’s health, and how to intervene to improve the overall quality of health for each patient. This is also done by getting a detailed assessment of the patient’s environment. Environment is made up…show more content…
Looking for any signs related to possible health issues. This is part of my head to toe assessment. While doing so I am constantly asking questions to establish a relationship with my patient. Developing the idea of learning their external and internal health and building an understanding of their core. Patients health changes daily so building a relationship as their nurse will help me to create ideal interventions to establish a care plan related to their improvement with their quality of life and health.
Patients that are homebound need guidance on how to safely maintain their health in their home. When I visit my patients in their home I make sure their environment is safe and they are provided with the essentials of daily living. I believe understanding each patients core will be the best nursing I can deliver in a home setting. Everyone’s home life is very different and observation, assessment, and understanding their quality of health is relevant to deliver evidenced based
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Just because I am a nurse doesn’t mean others aren’t looking at me as someone to look up too. Understanding that I try my best to act in a manner that is respected and deliver the best health care I can to all my patients. That is done by years of practice and education. Nurses can never have too much education. We also don’t always make the best decisions or give the correct advice, and that is when our patients need understand we are people also and as a team over health will improve not only for them but their nurse. I can’t help someone that doesn’t want to be helped or fights against my interventions. It is my philosophy to work together to establish the best evidenced based nursing and be better patients and nurses. Nurses don’t need to worry about what lawsuit or what they did wrong and you don’t need us telling you how sick you are due to your actions and lifestyle. We need to work together to maintain health.
I believe nursing management comes from education, confidence, and wanting to lead others. Leading as a nurse in management is a very honorable role. Doing so nurses need to have an organized plan of care. This needs to be well understood so it can be delivered to the patients and a care plan is established. The standard of practice then will allow your employees to practice in a safe manner, and you will be respected as their manager. Goals will be achieved in a satisfying manner to create a healthy work