Interrupting Hate: Homophobia In Schools

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In her book Interrupting Hate: Homophobia in Schools and What Literacy Can Do About It, Mollie V. Blackburn makes many compelling statements regarding the treatment of LGBTQQ students in schools. She also explains many ways that teachers and community members can help these students and young people to combat the mistreatment and discrimination that they face. She provides examples and suggestions for teacher use when having LGBTQQ students in classes, as well as different ways that teachers can make sure that these students are treated fairly. I feel that Blackburn did a successful job at presenting, explaining, and defending her statement that LGBTQQ students are mistreated in schools, and at providing suggestions for how to aide the cause …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that mollie v. blackburn's book interrupting hate: homophobia in schools and what literacy can do about it makes compelling statements regarding the treatment of lgbtqq students in schools.
  • Analyzes how blackburn sets the tone for the book's entirety. she provides ways in which homophobia can be combated, including through literacy.
  • Explains that blackburn's personal experience with the attic helped her argue that literacy and community resources can help lgbtqq youth combat homophobia.
  • Explains that the attic provided youth with a safe place to explore, engage in, create, and learn about lgbtqq topics that they were not being exposed to in school.
  • Opines that blackburn's information on how to be an ally and examples of allies' behavior helped create practical tips for teachers working in the field.
  • Opines that blackburn's presentation proved that literacy can help combat homophobia in schools. the speakers' bureau was able to do this on a cause that had real-life implications.
  • Analyzes how blackburn's book, the attic, was well-written and understood by people unfamiliar with the topic.
  • Explains that one cannot be an ally without becoming one, and one can't become one without being immersed in what one does.
  • Analyzes how the book helped them understand that school can be toxic and damaging to lgbtqq youth who do not feel welcomed by their peers or even their teachers and administration.
  • Opines that they will be able to take what they have learned in this book with them throughout their teaching career.

She described that LGBTQQ youth need both student and teacher allies at school in order to truly combat the homophobia that they may be facing. In order to be an ally, one cannot simply say “I don’t mind if someone is gay or lesbian,” but they have to actively combat the instances of homophobia as they see them. This goes for both students and teachers alike, according to Blackburn. For instance, if a teacher hears an epithet being said to a student and does not step in, they are not being an ally and are actually aiding in the homophobia, which may or may not be the intent. A teacher,(as well as students but a teacher has the most responsibility in the classroom) has to step in and confront the student who is doing the bullying in order for the message to be sent that, that behavior is unacceptable and deemed punishable. Teacher allies also have to provide examples of LGBTQQ literature in the classroom, or expose all students to LGBTQQ topics either by letting them choose their own books and include LGBTQQ books in the choices, or by requiring the entire class to read LGBTQQ books. I felt a good point was made in that allowing the students to choose books and including LGBTQQ books might cause problems because students may be afraid to choose those books for fear of being labeled or bullied, so that option would have to be carefully considered. By including information on how …show more content…

It helped me to understand that school can truly be a toxic and damaging place to these students who do not feel welcomed by their peers or even their teachers and administration. I have always considered myself to be a very open-minded, non-judgmental person, who has always supported gay and civil rights, but this book made me realize that it is not only being supportive of these issues that matters; it’s acting on that support that matters even more. Without action, support does not mean as much. I feel that this a topic that should be a requirement for every teacher today to receive training about. It is an issue that is prevalent and that we are seeing reports about on the news all to frequently- young children or teens committing suicide because of bullying. Teachers have to be aware and trained on how to deal with this topic so that these students do not feel so unwelcome in schools. While students play a major role in the bullying of LGBTQQ youth, students model the behavior that the teachers exhibit, so it begins with teachers showing the students the correct behaviors. If a teacher sees an instance of bullying in the school, they need to put an end to it- immediately. Not doing so is adding to the

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