Interracial Violence: The Media And The Media

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Racism has been a prevalent phenomenon in history for as long as one can remember. It is the belief that one specific group of individuals belonging to one race hold certain characteristics that make them either superior or inferior to other races. The act of racism can bring forth many negative actions and unfair treatment towards others and society. This topic is important to individuals to be aware of due to the fact that this phenomenon causes harm to innocent people. The fact that it is so prevalent signifies that no change is being made. If individuals are aware of the main cause of racism they’ll be able to better understand how to stop it from occurring. Many individuals will argue that the cause of racism is the media.The media…show more content…
Interracial violence that has been recorded and disseminated onto the internet has influenced the beliefs of many individuals. It’s become common for certain acts of violence to be recorded and uploaded onto the internet. With the wide audience out there able to view such violence many emotions about the acts are accumulated from the video. For example, if a video on YouTube of a Caucasian male being beaten up by several African American males was uploaded, a Caucasian male watching the video may feel emotional and angry about the situation. They may begin to make negative conclusions regarding the African American males based on their actions, and blame the race as a whole as being…show more content…
The act of interracial violence ultimately fuels a belief in the reality of racism. Seeing the act of interracial violence play out on the media or in person will create a realism for the individuals, which then creates a sense of racism. For example, with the recent Ferguson case in Missouri regarding a young, unarmed African male was shot and killed by a white police officer. This event ultimately brought up the act of racism by many African Americans. Many of them felt that the shooting was all due to racism and superiority amongst the Caucasian officer due to the fact that he was not punished for his actions, but rather excused. However, on the other end of the spectrum, many of the Caucasian individuals saw the African American community as violent and disruptive due to the fact that they protested violently without waiting for a proper

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