Interracial Relationships in American Society

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Interracial Relationships in American Society Interracial Relationships in America should not surprise anyone in today' s society, but are they considered ethically Wright. In Webster's dictionary the meaning for ethics is "Having to do with a group of people who have the same language and culture and share a way of life (Macmillan 1) . Prejudice and Discrimination are an all to common part of our cognitive social being, but many social psychologists believe that it can be stopped, but only with the help of social conditioning. Racially prejudiced persons take significantly longer than other persons who are not racially prejudiced to decide whether strangers whose racial identity is ambiguous belong to one racial category or another. Why does prejudice exist? Individuals hold prejudice views because doing so allows them to bolster their own self image. By doing this a person is making themselves believe that they are better than another, giving them a feeling of greater importance. By having an interracial relationship your cultures are not the same the language can also be different but yet you can share your lives together. To understand why interracial relationships are somewhat controversial it requires some back history . Interracial Relationships has existed since African Americans first came to this country. It was considered as a social taboo. In 1664 Maryland banned interracial relationships due to the questions over whether the offspring' s of a black slave and a white person would be considered a free person or property. Yet before the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery, many white slave masters secretly took advantage of black women. Many famous African Am... ... middle of paper ... ...October 30th of this year my nephews son was born and the family said "Pops must be turning in his grave. My nephews wife is African American. Ethnocentrism is the tendency to assume that one’s culture or way of life is superior to all others. Prejudice is a negative attitude toward an entire category of individuals. Discrimination is behavior that excludes all members of a group from certain rights, opportunities or privileges. Bibliography (1) "Having to do with a group of people", Websters Dictionary, Macmillan (2)” In 1664 Maryland banned interracial relationships, Interracial Relationships, Bryan J Grapes (3) “It is the white race roaming the world, Interracial Relationships, Bryan J Grapes (4) "Children are raised in a climate of tolerance," Interracial Relationships, Bryan J Grapes
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