Interracial Rape Cases In North Carolina Summary

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The article “Interracial Rape Cases in North Carolina” reminds me one of Harper Lee’s famous novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” as Tom Robinson was accused from raping Mayella. The entire trial, to the guilty verdict, were all racially biased. Yet, there is a long way to go for the world to get rids of its injustices, and injustices will comply with the society for many years to come. Race and inequality are often related together because of the racial segregation in the 1800s. During that time, racial inequalities had increased dramatically. To study this scenario, the article “Interracial Rape Cases in North Carolina” portrayed several evidences of how blacks slaves were falsely accused rape; they seem hopeless and eventually sentenced to death. Yet they did have evidences to prove them innocent, however, everything does not go as was hoped. What it was like…show more content…
First, in State vs Jesse case; Jesse, a fourteen years old slave, was charged for both rape and assault upon a white female. It was obvious that Jesse would get an automatic execution for his crime. However, due to his professed age complicated the matter of the case. There were no proofs to convince Jesse was fourteen because birthday of slaves not to be recorded during that time. Under the act of 1823, when a color has been committed for a rape upon a white female, he cannot object, and stripped him under protection law. Jesse was defenseless, the court did not give any leniency toward the black slave, and was sentenced to death. There was no attention to his age rather than because of his color which make the public view him as an
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